Customer Support

The clickemart motto is "assume no knowledge" so we cater to people who want to spend their time working on their business, rather than learning technical web programming. To make this possible we offer a range of friendly, helpful customer support services.

Video Tutorials

When you get started or have forgotten how to use a certain feature, we've created a series of easy to follow video tutorials. Carefully guiding you through each feature and idiosyncracy of our CMS, the narrated tutorials will leave you with few, if any questions unanswered.

Information Icons

Throughout the CMS we've inserted regular information icons providing directions upon rollover. So even if you've forgotten part of the video tutorial instruction, or are uncertain about what to do, these easy prompts will get you back on track.

Real People Who
Know Who You Are

At clickemart we offer a personal experience. As well as our online customer support we are available for personal guidance, real people, on the phone. We already know who you are, are familiar with your website, and your customers.