Easy to use CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you add to and edit the content of your website.

At clickemart we have created a user-friendly, unique CMS Site Manager, so you can change the content of your site without any complicated back-end coding. Like our websites, our Site Manager has an attractive interface, is intuitive to use and provides support for you the whole way.


Handy Dashboard

Our handy Dashboard gives you easy access to a range of features, including:
• Site Manager updates
• Tutorials
• Google Analytics
• Sales (ecommerce sites only)

Friendly Interface

Our user-friendly interface is easy and accessible. Everything is laid out sensibly so you don't get confused when changing even the most complicated aspects of your website.
The features panels help you to locate the kind of content you want to edit, such as text panels, image panels and products panels.

Help & Support

Every step of the way we provide rollover information boxes, explaining how all of the editing tools work.
Each section of the Site Manager comes with live video tutorials explaining everything you need to know clearly.
To see our tutorials click here.