Enewsletters are an easy, cost-effective way to market directly to your audience. Our enewsletter package, clickenews,
is professionally designed to your requirements, allowing you create and deliver your own email Marketing campaigns whenever you want.

Our email Marketing Campaign Tools provide everything you need to easily create, edit and deliver your own email marketing campaigns. The easy-to-use system will provide you with detailed reports of the views, opens, link clicks and other statistics about the eNews campaigns you deliver. To see just how easy it is, please watch our Video Tutorials.


Increase the effectiveness of your marketing

Strengthen existing customer relations

Target new customer prospects

Offer coupons and incentives

Create an open line of communication with your customers

Present your expertise in your business

Drive traffic to your web site

Eliminate print, mail house and postage costs

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

Keep in touch and BUILD stronger relationships with your group/list


Easy to use

Customise subscribers

CAN-SPAM compliant

Built in Forward to a Friend

Built-in Unsubscribe

Professional quality design

Detailed report tracks sends, views, opens, bounces, unsubscribes, prints, link clicks, and click through to purchase