Great Return On Investment

For any business it takes time for the target market to learn about their product or service and make a return the money spent on marketing. clickemart online businesses have an impressive track record for return on investment. By employing our marketing tools our clients substantially increase their profits within the first 2 years of business. We have provided some case studies below.


Fine Poets

Selling CDs, DVDs and audio downloads of poetry narrated by famous Australian actors, this business covered all its costs and made a substantial profit in the first 12 months. Fine Poets director, Glenys Rowe, is continuing to expand her market, producing audio products for wider audiences. Her future plans for the company involve further utilising online business opportunities and reducing production costs by moving to downloadable audio only.

Watermark Apartments

By employing our marketing strategies and developing an appropriate website to promote the impressive coastal Watermark Apartments, at The Entrance, our client saw stagnant sales turn into a sold-out project of 42 apartments just over 12 months. This was all achieved in a very challenging market.

Mrs Carey's Concert Movie

The launch of the Mrs Carey's Concert ecommerce website was synchronised to coincide with a review of the new movie on ABCTV's At The Movies. That evening there was such an inundation of traffic to the site that for the first time in the history of clickemart, our servers buckled under the strain. The integration of social media, TV & press reviews saw a flood of pre-orders for the DVD of the movie.

Danish by Design

Selling quality Danish designed nursery furnishings and products for children, Danish by Design employed our marketing advice to add ecommerce to their website. Within 6 months of the site's launch, Danish by Design recovered their web design and marketing expenses and are continuing to show consistently improving profit margins. They are now expanding their online presence due to this success.


Minimink have been selling deluxe baby blankets, clothing and accessories online for over 5 years. This eCommerce website utilises all of the marketing tools available to eCommerce clients, including promotional enewsletters, vouchers, sales, loyalty discounts and more. The result is a profitable income for the owner of this online business, reflected in the longevity of the online store. It also has a wholesaler login to provide stockist and quantity pricing.