Integrated Customer Database

clickemart knows that your customer databse is one of the most valuable components of your business. Maintaining customer details for use in promotions is an effective way of generating more business. We've made it easy for you to manage your customer details and utilise them effectively.

Find Your Users + Customers

From people who've made enquiries, purchased products, signed up for your enewsletter or have a wholesaler login, all of their data is collected and organised into easy to find groups within your customer database.

Integrated Data Collection

Whether your customer details are collected through signing up to an enewsletter, making an enquiry through your website, or purchasing a product, their information is collected into a centralised database where you can add them mailing lists and conduct statistical analysis.

Import + Export Your Database

If you have a digital record of your customer details you can easily upload them to your online customer database to add them to mailing lists or specials offers.

You can also download your database for record keeping as a CSV file.