Our Process

With a clickemart web package you can create a great looking website in 4 easy steps:

 Step 1: Brief Interpretation

You complete the clickemart Briefing Document, answering as many questions as possible

You provide us with some of the actual images that will be used on your site

We use those images and your brief to create 2 design options for the look and style of your site

We send you a link to a web preview of the designs we’ve created for you

As Step 1 is the first chance we’ve had to interpret your brief, it’s very common that the designs we’ve provided are not quite what you imagined. Step 1 helps us to clarify your needs.

2 Design Options

 Step 2: Revisions

You respond to our design options

We revise the look and style according to your response

We design your 5 requested pages in the revised look and style

5 Preview Pages

 Step 3: Final Revisions

You respond to Step 2 Revisions

We make one final round of design changes to the 5 pages*

We build another preview with extended functionality, including rollovers and page links

We send you a link to a revised web preview of your requests for you

*Further changes can be made at a fee of $75 per page

5 Preview Pages

 Step 4: Build, refine & Go Live!

You approve our final revisions

You send us the content for your 5 pages, including up to 50 images*

We build your web site to the approved designs**

We send you a preview of your built site

The final site may function a bit differently to the way you imagined. This part of the clickeprocess gives you an opportunity to refine your site so it’s just right.

We send you the login details to your Site Manager

You insert any extra content***, including new pages, products and images, to complete your site

When your site is ready to go live on the internet, you let us know and we put the site on the World Wide Web

*If you would like us to build extra pages for you beyond your 5 pages, we can do so at a fee of $75 per page
**Extra steps are involved for ecommerce sites. For ecommerce customers refer to the section ”Setting up your Store”
***If you require us to upload more images for you we can do so at a fee of $100 per 50 images


Start Using Your Site Manager

help & support

clickemart has the one of the simplest, easiest Content Management Systems available. We also provide you with convenient information rollover buttons throughout the Site Manager explaining how to update your site, as well as guided tutorials to using your Content Management System on YouTube.